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Food and beverages

31 October 2018

Have a bite to eat and something to drink before you travel. Sundsvall Timrå Airport offers lighter fare as well as more hearty meals.


Restaurang Midlanda (Level 4)

Restaurang Midlanda opens in the morning. The restaurant offers a special dish of the day or à la carte menu.
The restaurant is located outside of the security checkpoint:

Hours of operation

Café (plan 1)

Under eftermiddagarna har caféer öppet med ett mindre urval av mat och dryck.
Cafét är placerat före säkerhetskontrollen.

Hours of operation


Bistro (Level 3)

The Bistro offers a variety of dishes, sandwiches, wine and beer. You will also find a selection of books and magazines.
The bistro is located outside of the security checkpoint.

Hours of operation

The Bistro opens two hours before the scheduled departure of charter flights

31 October 2018


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+46 (0)60 57 90 60